About Us

Discover how Signature Living transforms everyday spaces in Dubai into something special. We craft homes that blend luxury with personal touches, turning everyday into exceptional.

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About Signature Living

Rooms that transform

Every home has potential. We see it as our mission to unlock that potential. Transforming spaces in Dubai from functional to fantastic is what we do best.

“Consistency, quality, and commitment define our approach. We're here to bring your home vision to life in Dubai.”

- Founder | Matt Wilds

Our home makeover process

Every home tells a story. Here's how we ensure yours is unforgettable.

1. Consultation

Understand your vision. We listen before we design, ensuring your ideas form the core of our plan.

2. Design Proposal

More than just sketches. Our designs combine your tastes with modern aesthetics.

3. Approval Process

Making it official. We handle the bureaucracy, so you don’t have to.

4. Execution

From paper to reality. Watch as our team transforms your space, piece by piece.

5. The Final Reveal

The moment you've been waiting for. Welcome to your new home, reimagined by Signature Living.


Our values

Our aim

Transform homes and exceed expectations with every project in Dubai. We don't just renovate; we elevate.

Our vision
Our goals

Meet the Signature Living Team

The people behind the magic

Every team member plays a role in turning your dream home into reality in Dubai. From the first discussion to the final touch, we're with you every step of the way.

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Tom Matton

Sales Manager

Mark Farrell

Sales Manager

Harshi Dinushika

PR/ Marketing Manager

David Middleton

Sales Manager