Discover the array of our premier home makeover services in Dubai that do more than just meet your needs—they redefine your living experience."

Who are we

Signature Living isn’t just a building contractor; we are artists of luxury living, specialising in transformative villa makeovers in Dubai. From bespoke furniture and opulent kitchens to dressing rooms and lavish bathrooms, we create residential paradises that are distinctly yours.

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Bespoke Carpentry

Experience the pinnacle of bespoke carpentry, where every nuance is meticulously crafted, enriching both the aesthetics and utility of your living spaces.

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Extend your horizons and your home in Dubai with our premium extension services, seamlessly blending spaciousness, quality, and unparalleled style.

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From timeless classics to modern chic - walk on luxury with Signature Living’s superior flooring solutions, curated to align with your distinct style and living needs.

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Interior Design

Experience luxury interior design like never before. At Signature Living, we craft spaces that resonate with your lifestyle, turning functional needs into elegant solutions.

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Turn the key to a bespoke experience! Whether it's a Dubai home makeover or custom furniture, we offer a menu of services tailored to make your dream home a reality. Because every Signature Living client is unique.

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